Cat Tien Service

Cat Tien is now a protected national park! With the help of WWF, several actors, including us, want to protect nature in this area and those who live there.
To finance this great project, the park imposes entrance fees to the park and to the different sites of the park.

This is independent of our activities.

Park entry

Ticket/person: 60 000vnd

Basic entry ticket

Ticket/person: 100 000 vnd 

Includes the bikes entrance fee only
Excludes biker entrance fee.

Bike entry to the HQ

Surrounding _14.jpg

Crocodile lake

Ticket/person: 140 000 vnd 

Excludes the park entrance fee

Ticket/person: 150 000 vnd

Excludes the park entrance fee

Bear rescue center

Gibbon island


Transportation between Ta Lai and

Cat Tien HQ

One way: 750 000 vnd

Pickup of: 8 people max
One way: 1 500 000 vnd

Pickup of: 32 people max

TA LAI sides v2 (324 of 25).jpg

Transportation between HQ and

Crocodile Lake entrance

Round trip: 600 000 vnd    

  • Pickup of 8 people max

  • Fully charge for one way

Round trip: 1 200 000 vnd

  • Pickup of 32 people max

  • Fully charge for one way