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A crocodile lake is a beautiful place that will amaze you.

And you will be even able to see crocodiles!

Several choices are available for you:

You can do the trek to the crocodile lake. It is 17km so the level of difficulty is high, and is possible only during the dry season. You will come back to the Longhouse with the jeep.

All the way to the crocodile lake is wonderful, in the jungle of Cat Tien National Park. You will be able to see beautiful plants, medicine plants, and animals! 

If you don't want to do the 17km trek, you can also choose the option to go to the park and come back to the Longhouse with the jeep. The only 5km separates the park entrance to the crocodile lake.

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From 2 people     1 400 000 vnd 

From 5 people     1 200 000 vnd 

8 people max      1 000 000 vnd

The age limit of 16 and over. Minimum of 02 people per group. Includes Local guide, packed lunch, leech sock, leech repellent all entrance fees at Cat Tien National park.

Crocodile lake 

(difficult level, 16km, IN DRY SEASON ONLY) 

Price per person

Transportation for Crocodile Lake

1 050 000 vnd

  8 people max                                 Pick-up from Crocodile lake entrance to       around trip                                   Talai Longhouse


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In addition, you will have to pay the entrance fee to the crocodile lake which is 140,000 vnd per person, excludes the park entrance fee.

These fees are independent of our activities but are imposed by the park.