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Ta Lai Longhouse

Established under the initiative of WWF and the local community, opened in 2012, Ta Lai Longhouse is a traditional bamboo structure of the local Ma people. Pitched on the top of a hill, overlooking a lake, on the border of Cat Tien National Park, we offer you great experiences in the wilderness of the rainforest.

As a Community Based Tourism (CBT) product, the Longhouse is run by an International, Vietnamese and local team to provide exciting yet comfortable experiences for our guests and to create sustainable and beneficial for the local people.

We have now another mini longhouse for 15 people. 

The Camp Site

A part of the Longhouse complex is the camping area which is able to accommodate up to 150 people. Enjoy your night warmed up by the camp fire and later cooled down by the jungle breeze. Tents and sleeping bags are available for rental.


Bathroom area 

Large shared bathroom area separate from the longhouse, it houses modern 10 showers/changing areas and 4 toilets with clean and hot water throughout the day. Clean towels are available daily. 

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food and beverage - ta lai longhouse.jpg
drinks - ta lai longhouse.jpg

*** All above prices exclude 8% VAT.
*** We reserve the rights to any possible change to the above prices due to unforeseeable circumstance.

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