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A look back at the kids camp of 2018!

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Only one more kids camp for 2018, already 5 kids camp done!

What a pleasure we had to organize and supervise the kids camps this year! We really enjoyed sharing these incredible moments with the kids and seeing the smiles on their face.

These kids camp represents the opportunity for them to live in harmony with nature during one week. We went to the Cat Tien rescue center to see the gibbons and bears, we went kayaking in the lake with many lotus surrounding us, and did treks to discover all the treasure hidden in the jungle!

We saw the kids grew quickly: they met the minority communities living in Ta Lai, helped them to collect the trashes in their village and discovered their traditions!

And now them, as we are able to survive alone in the jungle! We learnt how to make a fire, to cook bamboo rice and chicken, how to find water in the jungle… We became real adventurer!

One week far from the polluting air and the noises of Saigon which benefited us all! We look forward for the next kids camp and the last one of the year, from October 15 to 19!

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